Final line-​up for Saturday’s big foodie day at Brixton Village!

cornercopiaCome and join us this Saturday to celebrate the revival of Brixton Village indoor market (aka Granville Arcade) with a day of tasty events to warm the coldest January! Space Makers has been working there over the past couple of months to fill twenty empty shops and develop a vision for the market’s future which works for everyone involved.

In the past ten days, a new buzz and sense of possibility has started to spread around the market. People are starting to believe this can work.

Tomorrow’s a great chance to see that for yourself. We’ve got new restaurants opening, one-​day pop-​ups from some of London’s top food bloggers and guerrilla chefs, free tastings, competitions, shows and classes…

That’s as well as the unique mixture of old and new shops in the market, including twenty creative pop-​ups and new community-​driven businesses that have opened in the past few weeks as part of this project.

Something’s happening down here — there’s an adventure going on — so come and be part of it!

New Bites on the Block…

Granville is already home to some of the tastiest, best-​value restaurants in London. We love our huge Colombian lunches, Filipino fare at Islander’s Kitchen, jerk chicken from the cafes at the Coldharbour Lane entrance. Yummmmmm…

Now the market got even tastier, with the launch this weekend of three new restaurants and cafes:

Etta’s Seafood Restaurant (85−86) — Run by Etta and her daughter, who buy all their fish in the market. Expect a new twist on Caribbean flavours and a warm welcome!

Olive Tree (43−44) — Mahmood and his friends will be serving dishes from Morocco and around the Mediterranean. Olive Tree has been set up by a group of families who want to create a community space and offer young people an alternative to extremism. What better way to build community than to sit down and eat together! Join them for their opening at 11.15am.

Federation Coffee (46) — Welcome this new artisan specialty coffee house to Granville! It’s smells of freshly roasted beans will soon be drifting along the avenues, tempting us all down for a fix of the finest coffee in South London.

For one day only…

Travels with My Fork (81) — Top food-​bloggers, Mel and Kelsie, are cooking up Mexican fun and fare for the day. Come and check out their pop-​up restaurant!

The Granville Tea Party (40) — Another one-​day pop-​up, this time from Bridget, founder of the fabulous Wild Caper deli in neighbouring Market Row. Together with Arno from the Saltoun Supper Club and Petra from ChocStar, she’ll be serving tea and cakes. Dress for a tea party and join the fun!

Ms Marmite Lover’s Lunch Club (73) — Food blogger extraordinaire and founder of the legendary Underground Restaurant, Ms Marmite Lover is creating a one-​day pop-​up restaurant, cooking with ingredients bought from the stalls throughout the market. Turn up between 12 and 2 for a donation lunch, with all profits going to the Haiti earthquake appeal. Expect queues out the door!

Tastings galore…

Cornercopia (65) — Join the folks at the recently-​opened Brixton Cornercopia for some hot cider punch, spicy harria soup, a slab of Ian’s grandiose apple pork pie and some spanakopita, share favourite recipes with us over a cup of tea and slice of orange and almond cake. There’ll be regular tastings and recipes sheets for you to take away and a chance to try making Cornercopia’s best selling plantain chutney yourself at home or go winter foraging to make one of Invisible Foods January recipe ideas — wild herb risotto or chickweed pesto!

Take Two (3) — Tastings of tasty Jamaican food & yummy veg juice at the cafe whose barbecue smells set Brixton’s mouths watering.

Special events

Whatever time you turn up, you can be sure there will be something going on:

11am — Come down for an Under 11’s Cake Design Competition! Show us what your dream cake looks like and win a prize from Sweet Tooth, the market’s newly-​opened old-​fashioned sweet shop. The competition is happening at Sweet Tooth (66) and the Okido Doodle Shop (89) which will be providing play activities for small people throughout the day.

12pm — As lunch gets under way, join The Scatter Collective for a Tea Party at Space Station, the market’s pop-​up theatre festival.

12pm — “I hate Cabbage!” Can Transition Town Brixton convince you to eat your greens? A tasting of delicious cabbage recipes at the Community Shop (6) You can also have a lesson in cooking “Cheap & easy-​to-​make seasonal soup”.

12pm & 3pm — Filipino food tastings and cookery demonstrations with Margarita at the Islanders Kitchen (55).

12pm & 3pm — Tasting sessions and recipe-​sharing at Cornercopia (65), the shop that sells foods made with ingredients bought from around the market.

3pm — Wild-​food Risotto Tasting with the Transition Town Brixton Food & Growing group. Learn about the foods that grow free in our neighbourhoods.

4pm — Join Georgina and friends at Sweet Tooth for a tasting of tempting treats from around the world — from Caribbean tamarind balls to hot ginger sweets from Ghana.

It’s not just about eating…

If you’re too full to taste another morsel, you can also check out:

Leftovers (71) — A history of aprons and kitchenwear at Margot’s vintage and antique clothes shop.

Artinavan (72) — Slow down and experience the magic of the Camera Obscura, until it starts to spin your head! As your eyes adjust to the dark, the market emerges upside down on the screen. The effect is utterly mesmerising.

HERD (67−68) — The market’s new design studio is run by James, whose great great-​grandfather started Webster’s shoe shop, one of the oldest independent businesses in Brixton. Continuing the theme of old and new, artists Flora and Lily will be using the space to project images of Granville past and present — the fruit of the Memory Exchange project which they ran in the market last month.

Exxmas Forest (82) — Something unexpected happened this week — a forest appeared in the middle of our market! A forest of ex-​Xmas trees, collected around the area and temporarily housed by The Wayward Plant Registry. Come along for a lunchtime forest picnic, with campfire readings, toasted marshmallows, snow and music. (Well, maybe you’ve had enough snow already!) After Saturday, the live trees will be planted out in the grounds of Hill Mead Primary School, round the corner from the market.

Lisette & the Fox (90) — Tahlee’s glamorous vintage boutique is hosting a pop-​up Nail Bar with vintage-​inspired nail art. Come and get yourself decorated! There will be cupcakes.

The Brixton Village Gallery (76) — An exhibition of paintings by Fran, who is based in the artists’ studios above the market. They come from a series exploring the experience of the individual in the city. Fran paints herself being thrown around by the invisible force of the city itself. She’s also been using the space as a workshop during her exhibition, so you’ll get to see her work in progress.

The Wonderful World Of… (79) — So, a lantern-​maker, a furniture-​restorer and a fashion designer start a shop… The result is a magical world of beauty and enchantment. Just to add to the charm, for one day only, they’ll be offering home-​made cakes and cookies while you shop!

The Community Shop (7) — “Where in the world?” Learn about where your food comes from as part of this online mapping project of sustainable food suppliers.

Remade in Brixton (5) — Learn what to do with your leftovers! Bring your food waste for a composting session with Aardvark Recycling, get to spy on a wormery, take the Zero Food Waste quiz. Plus, discover the things you can do with packaging and make your own Tetrapack Wallet!

And finally…

For something completely different, how about starring in a remake of a scene from your favourite 80s movie? If you fancy yourself as Ferris Bueller, now’s your chance. Join Olivia and the Touch It crew for an afternoon of VHS nostalgia at Space Station (41−42). The Be Kind, Rewind-​style remake session starts at 3.30pm. Before that, you can try your hand at making old VHS tapes into notepads and photo frames, while the afternoon will end with a film screening at 5pm.

Be part of something amazing

We can’t think of anywhere you could go in London this weekend and have more fun — so come and join us and be part of the revival of one of London’s distinctive markets. In November, twenty shops were sitting empty in the market. Since then, a wave of new community-​driven businesses and temporary creative projects has turned the space around with their enthusiasm and imagination. We’ve fallen in love with this market and we want to make it work for everyone who can see its magic.

Saturdays are at the heart of that revival — and there’ll be something new and surprising happening every Saturday down here at Brixton Village. Next week, the market goes craft crazy — so come back and bring your friends and your knitting needles!

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