November 2009

Last day for Brixton Village applications!

Lots of you have already sent in proposals for Brixton Village — and we’re looking forward to reading them all after the application process closes tonight. If you’re still working on yours, you have until midnight to get it to us.

A few people have asked about future opportunities to apply for spaces in the market. The answer is, we’re waiting to see how this first phase goes. We can’t say for sure yet what units might be available in January or further into the New Year, but we’ll still be interested in hearing from anyone with an idea for a space — and we’ll keep you posted about opportunities as soon as they come up.

For now, good luck! And we’ll be in touch with successful projects by Tuesday 24th.

Space Explorers at Brixton Village

Thank you to everyone who came down on Tuesday for the Space Exploration Night at Brixton Village. We counted over three hundred of you — and the atmosphere was amazing.

If you weren’t able to make it, Space Makers Associate Sara Haq’s photographs really caught the flavour of the evening. Click here to view the slideshow.

Brixton Village Space Exploration Night, 10th Nov 2009 - photograph by Sara Haq

Brixton Village Space Exploration Night, 10th Nov 2009 — photograph by Sara Haq

If you want to be in the first wave of new projects and businesses going into the market, then get your proposal to us by the end of the day on Tuesday (17th Nov). You can download the application form from the Brixton Village project page.

And if you have any questions about the application process, join the conversation over on the Space Makers Network where we’ve set up a Brixton Village group.

Brixton Village: Space Exploration Tonight!

Welcome to the new Space Makers Agency site!

We’re making the final preparations for tonight’s event at Brixton Village. If you’re coming, I’d recommend wrapping up warmly — you definitely know it’s November inside the market.

You can view the empty units from 4.30pm. We’ll be running an information point in one of the units on the back row of the market, near the Coldharbour Lane entrance.

The main event starts at 6.30pm. You’ll hear briefly from our team, LAP (the market’s owners), Lambeth Council and a couple of guests with lots of experience in running temporary projects in empty shops and setting up new permanent businesses. After the introductions, there will be workshops to help you develop your idea into a proposal — including, if appropriate, teaming up with other projects to share a space.

You’ll be able to take away application forms and information packs — and we’ll also upload those onto this site, for anyone who can’t make it to the event.

For any questions you have about the project or the application process, please start a discussion topic in the Brixton Village section of the Space Makers Network site.