Forgotten Spaces (with RIBA London)

In February 2010, Space Makers Agency partnered with RIBA London to create an online platform and a series of workshops around the Forgotten Spaces design competition.

The competition asked for proposals from architects, designers and artists for overlooked pieces of land around the capital. In our collaboration with the organisers, we sought to create a broader conversation around this, challenging professionals to consider what it means to call a space “forgotten” — who has forgotten it? whose memories may be being overlooked? — and inviting members of the public to nominate spaces in their local area and to join in online discussions about their future.

SMA Associate Sara Haq led a series of mapping workshops in three London boroughs, where participants were invited to explore the local area, talk to people they met and develop ideas for spaces which took account of what they learned from these encounters. In the discussions which followed, participants explored the complexities of space and memory, and the relationship between their personal and professional engagement with spaces.

The Mapping Forgotten Spaces website — developed by SMA’s Andy Broomfield — is intended as a long-​term resource, creating a user-​generated map of London’s underused or overlooked spaces, and a conversation in which the different stories, experiences and memories associated with a particular space can come into contact.