plotA temporary art gallery from artists collective TRACT, hosting a series of exhibits and events entitled PLOT.

plot: a small piece of ground; a spot or small area on any surface; a ground plan of a building, plan of a field etc; the story or scheme of connected events running through a play, novel, etc; a secret scheme, made in combination with others, to bring about something often illegal or evil, a corspiracy; a stratagem or secret contrivance

to make a plan of; to represent on or by a graph, to conspire or lay plans for.


Liam Smale and David Stearn: Mon 14th Dec — Tues 22nd Dec

Siobhan Wanklyn: Sat 19th Dec


Sadie Hough,Louie Rice,Nicholas Roberts:Mon 4th Jan-​Sat 10th Jan Private View 5th Jan 6-​9pm


arar — Frequency Modulation, Spacial Resonance and Signal Feedback. Mon 11th Jan

‘Olympia’ by Leni Riefenstahl, screened repeatedly throughout the day. Wed 13th Jan

Sybella Perry — Cinerama. Fri 15th Jan

PLOT will be followed by an event by the Adansei Project: Sat 16th Jan

TRACT artists’ work isn’t typified by medium or discipline, rather by process driven, context-​specific or context-​responsive practice. In aiming to work with a sensitivity to the cultural, social and political context of ‘site’, the selection of location for display of artworks and events is a crucial aspect in the conception of all TRACT projects.

PLOT is in Unit 47 at Brixton Village until mid-​January.

For more information, visit the TRACT website.

Photograph by jonny2love