Space Makers is about rethinking the spaces in which we spend our time.

We work with all kinds of people and organisations to create sociable spaces and sustainable local economies.

We research the changing ways in which people are using space and develop new ways of thinking about the spaces in which we live, work and play.

Our approach is to start with what is already there: the stories of a place and the people who live there; its unused or underused buildings; the skills and experience that exist within every neighbourhood and workplace; the desires of everyone connected to a place or project.

Our role is as a catalyst, bringing out the possibilities which were already present in a situation and making connections which might not have been obvious.

We work to build bridges:

  • between local communities, property owners, local authorities, policy-​makers and others.
  • between the energy, enthusiasm and deep pragmatism of grassroots projects and the reputation, specialist knowledge and resources of established institutions.
  • between the creative explosion of projects making temporary use of empty space and the long-​term future of our local economies and communities.

Our Associates are artists, activists and entrepreneurs with a passion for creating exciting, sociable, economically– and environmentally-​sustainable spaces — and a history of making things happen.

We also run the Space Makers Network — an open, online and offline forum which connects hundreds of people around the UK who are involved in space-​making projects.